LETS GO SAFE is a mobile application product brought to the world of technology by the IT Company Javin, which comprises of a team of experienced professionals that are revolutionising the smart phone era through their futuristic, Internet-of-things based products.

They believe in progressive innovation for creation of products that will assure a smarter living. Their prime focus is to provide enhanced, effective and simplistic user experience to their valued customers through continuous evaluation and our structured quality processes.

LETS GO SAFE pledges to take the smart phone era to a new and unmatched horizon. It aims to make the society a better and safer place for one & all. It pledges evolve to travel into safer & protected travel through their mobile application named- LETS GO SAFE.

It offers GPS tracking, self configured notification alert system and one to one chat system between concerned family members and the travelling member. Thus, through this impressively futuristic product, LETS GO SAFE aims to bridge the gap between travellers and trackers simply to bring loved ones closer and much connected to each other.



The application aims to provide:

  1. Safer commutation to and from selected destination.
  2. Clear and direct accountability of the loved one’s well-being.
  3. Happier & relieved family members or friends.