Early morning the whole world seems to be rushing, pushing, making way to their destinations and so do you…

Seems pretty normal, right?


But, so is this- Everything seems to be going normal until a tragedy strikes. Everything seems all peaches and cream until the cream turns out to be sour. For it’s the inherent nature of tragedy that it comes camouflaged. It conceals itself until cakes of pink smiley blush and cotton of violet clouds. It comes out that pretty.

But have we ever pondered over the fact that maybe this most prominent property of tragedy is actually not that prominent but, we make it so? Maybe we, as humans have become so accustomed to not expecting a tragedy that we overlook what we lack…

Why you may ask?

Well, here is the answer:
That is our nature. That is how we’ve been nurtured. We always walk in the Sun and if some day we are unable to find the Sun, we worry incessantly and weep as if it the end of the world. We make big of little and little of big, whereas we should make big of big and little of little. Don’t we?

Exactly, this does not apply to all of us, maybe a majority but, not all for some of us are really practical, some of us are really sensible to differentiate between big and little. But, tell me do you ever expect anything wrong to happen to you? Sometimes, right?

The crime record of your city might make you change this mindset of yours and thus, with a vision to enhance safety of individuals without compromising on the lifestyle of smarter living, a new futuristic application of IT Company, Javin has been launched. It’s called the Lets Go Safe mobile application.

The mobile application boasts of many handy features such as GPS tracking using the IoT methodology and also notification alerts with respect to where and when individuals are. The trackers can track travellers as and when they feel the need to with the sharing of a smart code which can be regenerated multiple times to enhance security.

This worthwhile application can be downloaded from the Google play store without any charge and its usage will require a very negligible payment to be done whose plans can be accessed through their official website.

I have been using the application since a week to track and monitor my daughter’s travels as he goes to and from his college in the other city. It has given me much peace of mind and also reduced our mobile calling charges since I don’t need to keep on enquiring where my daughter has reached. I recommend this application to all and hope through this way only we just might put a pause on the increasing rate of crimes against women.