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The Lets Go Safe application
empowers easy tracking and
monitoring of a loved ones travels.

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The Lets Go Safe application
facilitates in building a safer
commutation environment.

Lets Go Safe

The Lets Go Safe application is a cost effective, highly valuable and much needed mobile application meant for everyone.

It aims at empowering individuals by assuring them of their loved one’s safety through the GPS tracking technology.

Through this application, concerned family members or friends can sit leisurely at home and monitor the real time location of their loved one.
Thus, they can be assured not only of the location but, also of their dear one’s safety and well-being through time to time alerts as to where and when he/she has reached.

Also, with the help of the easy monitoring and swift notification alerts the tracking members can calculate the stipulated time needed for their loved one to reach home.

Basically, this application links the loved ones with their family members on the go. It is a wholesome on the go travel application that every responsible individual must use and advise others to use too.

Why this mobile app is a must for everyone?



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Screenshots of the Lets Go Safe application


Rupee 1 per day only

  • 1 User
  • Unlimited vehicle tracking
  • 1 Month free
  • Maps & satellite view

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